What are the documents required to apply for the Undergraduate & Post Graduate Scholarship provided by the Department of Education to study in India?

Ans: The students must submit the photo copy of the following documents:

  • Class X & XII Marks Card & Pass Certificate
  • Three or Four Year Bachelor's Marks Statement
  • Degree Certificate provided on completion of the Bachelor or Master's course
  • Best Boy or Best Girl Certificate (Student who have received it)
The following documents need to be shown to the Settlement Officer for verification:
  1. Applicant's Registration Certificate
  2. Applicant's Green Book
  3. Applicants' parents Green Book


I am a student from Nepal, am I eligible to apply for the DOE Scholarship? I don't have Registered Certificate (R.C)

Ans: Scholarship provided by Department of Education is for all Tibetan refugee students residing in Nepal, Bhutan & India. Yes, you are eligible to apply for any scholarship provided by the Department of education provided you fulfill the requirements laid by the Department. There is a special provision for the students from Nepal & Bhutan. You can produce a letter stating that you are a Tibetan refugee residing in Nepal or Bhutan certified by the office of the local Tibetan Freedom Movement in lieu of Registered Certificate (R.C).

What is the Scholarship amount that Sherig provides to the scholarship holder?

Ans: The Scholarship amount that sherig provides to the students ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs.1,00,000. For full detail, you can visit Department's website or call scholarship at 01892-222572 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are some of the Scholarship provided by the Department of Education for a class XII graduates & a college graduates to study abroad?

Ans: The Department of Education provides following Scholarships to study abroad as of now. You are advised to check the Department's website for the latest information.

  1. Emory - Tibetan Partnership Exchange Scholarship, USA
  2. Global Leadership Incubator Scholarship, USA
  3. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  4. Dongguk University, South Korea
  5. Eramus Mundus Scholarship, UK (Apply directly to the college)
  6. Berea College, Berea, USA (Apply directly to the college)
  7. Tibetan Scholarship Program, USA
  8. Central European University (CEU) Tibetan Scholarship Program, Hungary
  9. Williams Papworth Studentship, Cambridge
  10. Feldman Fellowship, USA (Apply directly to the University)


Who is eligible for the Special Scholarships for Economically Disadvantaged students provided by the Department of Education?

Ans: Any student who falls under the Nyamdhak "C" Category is eligible to apply for this Scholarship provided he or she must have secured atleast 40% and above in class XII.


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